2010 American Royal Parade - Band Application
American Royal Parade - Band Application
Parade Date: Saturday, September 25, 2010
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We fully understand that the American Royal Parade Screening Committee may, at its discretion, reject this application on any grounds, and we agree to tender this application on those terms.

The American Royal Association hereby disclaims any and all liability for any injury, of whatever nature, sustained by any of the participants in, marshals of, advisors for, sponsors of, or persons associated with the American Royal Parade. Through signing this application, the applicant, on behalf of himself/herself/itself and all persons in any way associated with his/her/its entry, agrees to participate in the Parade under such agreement, and hereby waives and forever discharges the American Royal Association from any liability for such injury.While cost to participate is free to school marching bands and drill teams, the undersigned agrees to pay a $75 cancellation fee if they are accepted and then cancel after August 29th, 2010.

* Yes, as a representative of our band, I agree to the terms as stated above.:
* How many years has your band participated in the American Royal Parade?:
Television Announcer Info
Describe interesting facts about your band or school that you would like the TV personalities to talk about. Participation in the American Royal Parade does not guarantee an appearance on television. Your copy may be edited for length.:

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